Saturday, January 5, 2013

The New Year, #The365Project and Prosperity

Well, 2013 has arrived. Welcome.

I am spending most of this weekend preparing (or planning to prepare) for 2013  - aka I am analyzing, creating (and negotiating) my New Years Resolutions. Looking back, my very first post of Intrepid Moves was "new years resolutions" - many carry over...still working on the person I want to be, I suppose.

One new project I decided to take on this year is #The365Project - a single photo every day. I'm excited because this project challenges me to be creative everyday, and to share my creativity. I am documenting my photos here @ a.k.a. MK:


I chose this one for today, because yoga is a big part of my New Years Resolutions. I haven't been as dedicated to the practice as I was a few months back, and I feel noticeably different. I need more yoga in my life! Today I took a Kundalini class and we focused on prosperity. I like the idea of the new year being full of success. Of course, since I made this project a focus of my day, I took a few other photos:

Local diner breakast

I like the way this sun comes in

Juice Bar, Southside

D's cabbage soup - recipe to come!

From spending some time thinking about 2013, I can see the year is going to present it's challenges.

I am ready.



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