Wednesday, October 31, 2012

PSU. October 27th 2012 (instagrammed)

Let's Go State!


Monday, October 29, 2012

Restaurant Review: Nicky's Thai Kitchen

So, I already posted pictures last week in my September/October (instagrammed) -  but since Hurricane Sandy is keeping me indoors tonight, I figure I will elaborate a lil on last weeks 'Thai Tuesday':

Here is my informal review on Nicky's Thai Kitchen.


I will definitely be going back. Few reasons why -

Number One: The food. The menu was like a short novel, pages and pages of choices - I need to go back for the sheer reason that I wanted to try everything! Starters were the easiest choice - we ordered the spring roll appetizer - safe, easy and typically always good. I did not expect, for less than $6.00, to get an entire meal out of it. What we were presented with was about 12 sushi roll size bites of fresh deliciousness on a plate - basil, fried tofu, carrot and thin noodles - wrapped so colorfully beautiful in rice paper - which was served with a brown sauce that had crushed peanuts in it. Jennie (my partner in crime for the evening) ordered a house salad that was littered with fresh fruits and vegetables like cucumber, mango and pineapple. It also had crushed cashew on it, which added a nice salty crunch to the salad. Our entrees were a little tougher to decide upon - way too many options. I found it easiest to attack by narrowing it down to a category and reading the descriptions to choose the right meal. Did I want rice? curry? noodles? a chef special? soup? I decided on curry and after careful consideration decided on the Pumpkin Curry and I added shrimp. I figured it's October and pumpkins are in season, seemed appropriate, and it was - good choice me. I'm a big fan of big shrimpies - and that's what I got - with lots of steamed Asian pumpkin in coconut milk and red curry paste, served with enough white sticky rice to feed an army.  I ordered just the appropriate level of 'hot' for me to. I had the choice of 4 -10 and went with the a 6, considered medium. I thought about going higher (I like spice) but, I've learned my lesson at other Thai restaurants...I chose correctly. Jennie got a Basil Chicken entree - to be honest I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to her meal (I was too busy with mine) - but it looked simple and delicious.

Number two: The atmosphere. I love a place that makes me feel like I'm in NYC - small, close quarters, and it just works. The entrance is deceiving - you walk in through what looks like an apartment hallway and it seems like your headed to get take out from some run of the mill Asian take out place, but then they ask you if you want a table inside or outside, and you turn a corner and it's quaint little restaurant. Fresh flowers on every table, and I would later discover beautiful bouquets of flowers to brighten up bathroom as well - a clean restaurant bathroom is something that always affects my opinion of the place over all. We sat inside because we were hungry and it would have been a half hour wait to sit outside - next time I know to call ahead to make a reservation. I wish I had gotten a better a look at the outside seating, but from the little peak I got it seemed like beautiful green garden, I'm sure it was lovely. I may have to wait 'til next year to check out the garden - the website says it is only open during season, so I'm sure it will be closing shortly - especially considering the state of the weather currently!

Number three: The price. I hinted on this earlier talking about our appetizer. But man oh man, for the amount of food you get the price is right. I had an excellent dinner and enough food for an excellent lunch the next day. It's also a BYOB - no charge on weekdays - which is always a bonus.

So, based off of food, atmosphere, and price, the conclusion is this - go eat Thai at Nicky's.



P.S. Good luck through Sandy!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

September/October (instagrammed)

Time flies, life is crazy, and the show must always go on:

Punta Cana

Happy 80th Birthday Grandma
And Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary Grandma and Grandpap

Katie's Wedding Weekend


Steeler Sunday

Happy 84th Birthday Grandpap

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