Saturday, September 22, 2012

I am up way too early for a Saturday morning...

Why is it that I can wake up WAY earlier on a Saturday morning with no alarm clock than I can when I'm pressing snooze over and over again before heading to work? Sigh, such is life...

So, as I'm still laying in bed, taking advantage of this time to myself, drinking my green tea and paroozing the internet, I decided it was time to restart the blog. Well, I had been thinking about it for awhile, but literally, right now, seems to be the perfect time.

Originally when I started this blog I wanted it to be yoga oriented/themed, but, I realized that I have MUCH more to write about. I love to cook. I love to dance (though sometimes I forget this). I love traveling. I love being with my friends. I love traveling to be with my friends. I love fashion, shoes, jewelry and all accessories. I love pictures. I love taking pictures. I love food. I love restaurants. I love Pittsburgh (because that's where I am right now). I love Philly (because that's where a lot of my friends are). I love NYC (because I know one day I'll be there). I love confidence. I love a good cry when you really need one. I love writing. And I love moving forward, so that is what I'm doing.

Intrepid Moves.

Last weekend I travelled east to visit some friends in Philly. Holy rejuvenation! It felt so good to be with friends and to get away for the weekend:

Began with Flat Whites and Brekkie at Ants Pants Cafe...

Later, a trip to The Barnes Foundation where 25 billion dollars of art resides from one man's personal collection. I couldn't take any pictures of the art - though I did snap a photo of a Picasso before I found this out, sshhhh! For your viewing pleasure though, I apparantly liked the trees outside...

Lisa liked trees too!

Then we had dinner at Trio - a cute little Pan-Asian/Thai BYOB in a house type setting. After a bit of an adventure to find a state store to get wine (damn you Pennsylvania and your buying alcohol laws), and a bit of difficulty finding parking (though remarkably not as bad as we thought) - it was too dark, we were too hungry, and there was too much catching up and chatting to do that I didn't get any pictures of our delicious drunken noodles and other delightful goodies, but here are the pretty flowers that were at the table...

The next day it was like college all over again. Began with lunch in Conshy at The Pub, aka: We will take advantage of us reuniting, Saturday, the fall, and autumn beers. Oktoberfest and pumpkin ales to start the day...

Followed by a long trip involving a train, a subway, and some walking out to the stadiums to head to Xfinity Live - one of the largest sports bars I have ever seen - for a charity event, Penn State Football, a few shots, maybe a mechanical bull ride, and lots of laughter...

the journey

pitt stop photo opp - Marianne, Megan and Jamie

what pretty friends I have

recipe for disaster #itsgonnabeagoodnight


And then it was Sunday, and time for me to go home, flew back to Pittsburgh feeling exhausted and happy. Rejuvenated and ready for a new week to begin.

In Pittsburgh, it's been work, dinner at Ibiza with Rachael to recap our weekends - sangria, beet and endive salad, lobster ravioli and artichoke fritters (aka way too much food) - finding a dress for my friend Katie's upcoming wedding, unpacking, laundry and packing again, off to Punta Cana tomorrow! 

Cheers, MK

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